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Project Description


For a beauty photo shoot usually required traditionally beautiful models with big eyes and symmetrical face. The skin should be healthy and clean. Eyes play a colossal role, they always should be focused, strained, but lips should be relaxed at the same time. A model should show different expressions and angles of her face. She must not move and change her position very quickly, she needs to turn smoothly and to let a photographer find the perfect angle. Since beauty photo shoots are usually creative and artistic, it can be necessary to show emotions. Hands are very useful for makeup shoots, a model can frame her face with them and complete the mood: soft or intense hands can completely change the perception of the picture.
Beauty photo shoots are required for makeup editorials, skincare and hair commercials, jewellery advertising. It mostly requires deep retouching but the best way to get an outstanding result is to invite a professional makeup artist and a model with healthy good-looking skin. Then it will be 10 times easier for a photographer to get a great picture because he will be focused on turning a picture to a masterpiece, not on getting rid of flaws.
It is not necessary to get a huge location for a makeup shoot. Mobile studio and living room are pretty enough for close-up photography. But photography light is very important, there should be experienced photographer and should be used a professional light equipment because too hard light can give unwanted wrinkles and some ageing on a model face, as well as too soft light, can not provide desired drama for commercial or editorial photography.

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