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Project Description


A commercial model usually advertises some products or goods. She shouldn’t be skinny or very tall as a fashion model, usually commercial model should look like a potential customer, so it can be a model of any ethnicity and age and appearance depending on the client’s preferences. The most important thing here that model should be able to act and she should have a beautiful and attractive smile. Is it a photo shoot or video shoot, it is always supposed to be a motion, an action in a frame. It can show a family, friends or a couple. The acting must be natural and the joy should be contagious. It will make a great advertising. This kind of shoots is useful for any goods, places, services, events. This is what we used to call “advertising”, usually, a concept is planned by an advertising agency. There is not much freedom for a model/actor because usually organizers clearly know what they are going to get as a result, so the model just needs to be natural and to follow the directions.On this occasion, we were invited to work with Folakemi, a young and talented wedding planner in Dubai and the owner of Éclat Weddings & Events, on her wedding setup at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. We were totally impressed with Folakemi’s work and professionalism. She has brought a great team together and every detail of the wedding setup looked splendid, including the wedding dress and accessories, the hair and makeup, table arrangements and delicious cakes.

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