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I very like couture and wedding dresses photo shoots. What does it take to be a model for this kind of shoots?
Usually it goes with bridal or haute couture (artistic) style of makeup and hair. Depending on this a model can change her poses and face expression.

If it is a bridal style, it should be nice and soft. Model should be elegant first of all. Her poses shouldn’t be too difficult and unnatural. Almost all movements are done by hands and a head. There can be some minimal body twists and different face expression. Shoulders and arms usually are opened in such dresses that is why a model should have a beautiful thin arms and delicate refined shoulders (not too muscular). Hands should be very elegant, placed in a way not to cover the dress details. A hand can be placed to a shoulder, waist or hip, slightly touching, but everything should be considered individually of course. Emotions should give a wished mood to the shoot.
If it is artistic makeup, face expression can be strong and poses shall be more expressive, what we call haute couture: a bit weird, but beautiful body turns, arched and asymmetrical shoulders, unnatural turns of a head. The pictures should be strong and memorable. Amato couture, for example, always prefers haute couture style photography for his advertising.

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