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Obviously, a model for a ramp walk should be slim and tall. This is that very area where the most firm criteria are applied. For showing clothes on Fashion Shows like Fashion Forward Dubai, models are selected by measurements (height, chest, waist and hips shouldn’t be varied more than 5cm). As higher and thinner model as more attractive clothes looks. The best height for a ramp walk is 175-180cm.

A very important skill here is a model’s walking and a posture. She should be able to hear the music beats and move accordingly, her walking must be calm but her body should be straightened like during a dance, a back must be straight, shoulders squared, steps must be quite wide, but her head should stay on the same level, as if she is carrying a book on it. A walk should express confidence, her gaze and mimics must be calm and nice. She shouldn’t move her hips or hands too much, hands are relaxed and moving according the steps. When a model comes to the end of the ramp she should make a pause for 1-3 seconds (according to the choreographer) and pose for photographers. Eyes must be opened and look straight, pose should not cover the clothes. After that she turns to the left and goes back. This is a performance, it is very important to make sure that a face expression, walking, hands, a posture – everything is beautiful, steps match to a music.

At the final of a show, all models come one after another in the long line and show all garments. Sometimes they go one round, sometimes they split at the end to 2 sides one after another, sometimes they pose at the catwalk – it is depends on a choreographer idea. The models should take one temp and follow the first girl, they need to walk with the same space between them, and to follow a choreographer’s instructions. Sometimes a designer takes part at finale, he/she comes to the catwalk and stands with models for a while, models and audience applaud. When a designer goes away models follow.

But not all fashion shows have the same criteria. There are also some private fashion shows as a show of only one designer or for an exhibition/fair/event in Dubai. They usually don’t apply such firm requirements, the requirements depend on designer’s garments or preferences. For example abaya designers can look for curvy and not too tall models for a fashion show, sometimes they are looking for models similar to their clients in order to sell some garments the same day.

From my side, I can advise, whatever your preferences as a designer are, ask for some pictures or video from a catwalk, because if a model has an experience in fashion show, she is already much better than a newcomer, because she’s worked with a choreographer, she knows what a catwalk is about, and she already knows how and when to pose. It is a huge advantage for any model, because you see how many aspects are important for the successful fashion show.

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