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Project Description


Jewellery model usually works with close ups and there is very necessary to work with a face expression. Hands refinement is extremely important. Even if there are no rings or bracelets to show model always plays with her hands to make an accent on the jewellery (earrings or necklace) in close up pictures. Hands should be beautiful, very elegant and clean, usually nude/French manicure works best not to take attention from the jewelry. Posing should allow to show as much jewellery pieces as possible at the same time yet natural. Eyes plays a huge role. If you saw Emily Didonato’s or Carlie Closs’es pictures you can understand the point. They tell a story by their gaze.
Jewellery mostly are luxurious accessories, so a model needs to bring a mood accordingly. Face expression, head turns/position can be useful for the right impression, professional models know what it is about, you can appear a queen or an innocent girl just with a head position.

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