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Project Description


An editorial shoot (a shoot for a future publication) contains a story and a model should catch a mood and an idea. Depending on that a model can adjust her face expression and posing. It can be soft and airy, or strong and vigorous delivery. Even though editorial publications usually contain 4-8 pictures, a shoot can last 5-8 hours. Sometimes clothes change only, but very often makeup and hair style are to be changed look by look. And finding a perfect shot also takes time. One picture is selected for one look, so a model must be ready to change clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, sometimes even a make up… but it worth it. The most beautiful and amazing pictures are taken to be published in magazines. Pictures with idea, thoughtful looks and a special place/background, many people are usually involved (a model, a photographer, an assistant(s), a stylist/designer – this is an editorial shoot.

Usually a result is a real story in pictures that is fascinating, people love it and remember it, and they wonder about the clothes which model wears… that is how it works, it is a magic…

A model should be into the mood and listen to the photographer, because he is the one, who knows what the final result should be and how it will look like. He is the one who knows if something is missing and what is to be changed.

Sometimes, if it is a beauty editorial, an artistic make up or lots of creative accessories can be involved. A model should make it work in the frame even if she doesn’t like it. Besides any makeup picture looks completely different after editing. Artistic makeup never works in ordinary life, it is not even an evening makeup, but it can look amazing in a magazine. A model should trust the team, everybody works for the same goal anyway: to be published.

To get published a story should be interesting and different: fashionable looks, a creative makeup, beautiful clothes, a beautiful location, a nice posing, the best if it brings something new, extraordinary…

If you are planning an editorial shoot, plan it carefully at the beginning and choose your team (including a model) wisely.

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