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TV Commercial for Coffee:

TV Commercial for Five Hotel Palm Jumeirah:

TV Commercial for Guy’s Fiery Kitchen at Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall:

Rampwalk Modeling Video:


A model for video shoot should always remember about her face expression. Since there will be no picture selection or photoshop editing, she should be perfect all the time. Depending on the type of video (fashion film, video music, tv commercial…), there are different requirements to the modeling.
Fashion film has a goal to show garments and a designer’s mastery, so a model should move in accordance to the garment’s form/fabric to show the best side of the piece. When the operator moves to close-up, a model should move slowly, showing the details. Even when it comes to details like sleeves, a model should remember about her face and pose, because any time an operator can take her face/part of it into the frame.
During video music shoot a model should simply follow the script. There is usually some idea/story, and a director will give some instructions accordingly. The point is a model should have actress skills. Sometimes she needs to show sadness, love, doubt, disappointment or whatever story tells. A model rarely has a speaking role in music video but, if she has, you need to make sure that a model is able to speak her lines correctly. Sometimes there are some beauty shoots so a model should show her best, and kind of flirt with the camera, like it is her boyfriend. Let’s sum up: a model must be an actress and she should have an experience to deal with video camera.
TV commercial is another kind of shoot. During TV commercial shoot the emotions of a model should be slightly exaggerated, because it is a very short video and you need to show the maximum in it. Also it is very important to get the attention of a viewer from the first seconds. Lines, face, music, jokes – everything is a bit too much, but it works for the goal. So you need to find a model that can smile sincerely and lovely, speak without an accent (for speaking role), provide a wide range of emotions, can act. During a TV commercial shoot it is very important not to look straight at the camera apart from times then a director asked to do so.

Video shoots are easy for models who is able not to think about a video camera and act naturally and beautiful at the same time.

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